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Dna analysis service


FEM2-Ambiente developed a dynamic service, easily adaptable to customer needs.

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Purity and quality

Certifying purity and quality, excluding contaminations along the whole production chain.

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Counterfeiting and frauds 

To avoid counterfeiting, commercial frauds or mistakes in the choice of raw and finished products.

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Security and control

Assuring the absence of microbe pathogen contaminant along the whole production chain.

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Identity and value

Identifying and protecting spontaneous cultivar, species, breed of commercial importance.

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Valorizing the products through purity and quality certification

In cooperation with the customer, FEM2-Ambiente develops the best operative strategy and supplies the instructions for an optimal collection of samples to be analyzed; usually, only few milligrams of material are enough to perform the testing.

FEM2-Ambiente identifies the best molecular market to perform DNA analysis and the most adequate bioinformatics technologies to identify the species that’s the subject of the study, in order to satisfy customer requests.

A detailed scientific report is issued once the analysis ended; also a genetic identity certificate marked with “Verified DNA logo” will be issued. These documents will be a valuable tool to state the quality of the purchased raw materials, to promote and enhance the products and to offer a further guarantee to consumers.