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  • Safety first

    Genetic analysis allow to track quickly,
    the presence of microorganisms or contamination dangerous for health

  • Valorize your product

    Nowadays consumers are informed. To communicate quality and safety
    of your products is determining in purchasing choiches.

  • An allied against frauds

    Through DNA you can prove the purity of raw materials verify the composition
    of raw or processed products and identify possible frauds

About us

FEM2-Ambiente has been founded in 2010 as a spinoff of University of Milano – Bicocca and mainly operates as R&D hub in biotechnology. 

The constant collaboration with several university research groups allows to translate the scientific knowledge in diagnostics tools and services of molecular analysis that the company offers in different sectors, with a permanent attention to environmental issues. Joining research and entrepreneurship, FEM2-Ambiente represents the best partner for those companies needing to solve nonconventional problems.

FEM2-Ambiente also develops research projects both with partners in research field and business and it also deals with educational activities at national and international level.

The laboratories

FEM2-Ambiente has two modern laboratories, located in the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences – University of Milan-Bicocca. These premises are used to develop and test new products, to carry out analysis on environmental matrix (e.g. water, air or soil), to perform DNA analysis and to set up innovative methods of molecular characterization.

The University of Milano-Bicocca guarantees high quality standard equipments that allows our biologists and biotechnologists to work in ideal conditions, to operate in complete safety and to ensure results with a minimum margin of error.

Genetic identification can help you to assess the quality and safety of your products and to protect your company from frauds.

Contact us to explain your needs, we elaborate a tailor-made solution for you. info@fem2ambiente.com