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  • Safety first

    Genetic analysis allow to track quickly,
    the presence of microorganisms or contamination dangerous for health

  • Valorize your product

    Nowadays consumers are informed. To communicate quality and safety
    of your products is determining in purchasing choiches.

  • An allied against frauds

    Through DNA you can prove the purity of raw materials verify the composition
    of raw or processed products and identify possible frauds

DNA Barcoding Poisonous Plants

Exposures to toxic plants are the most frequent cause of poisonings that are reported to poison control centers. Although most of the cases of plant exposures occur in children, due to the accidental ingestion of showy fruits, the new trend of nutritional therapies and phytotherapy increases the poisoning cases in adult too. Most people believe that plants are naturally safe and can be used as healing remedies for human health. This belief often leads to the spontaneous use of plants for medicinal and aesthetic purposes without evaluating the e ects of their secondary metabolites on humans. Read full article

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Genetic identification can help you to assess the quality and safety of your products and to protect your company from frauds.

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